Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm back again!

Sorry to have disappeared for quite some time, it was a busy period. In the midst of tests and examinations I still need to get some illustration job done. Now, it's all in the past!

I won Brass Band Bold award from Paper chef! Yay! I never thought I could win anything. Thank you very much for it! I'm also featured in Tomatilla's paper chef round-up and in My Home Kitchen page. I feel like patting my own back.

I really appreciate the comments that people gave me, I really do. However, I'm very sorry that I didn't get back to you all earlier. My deepest apologies.

For the next one I simply will love to go for the IMBB 20 and SHF 13 if I have the time. However I will definitely go for Cooking The Old Fashioned Way - AKA Disaster Preparedness. For Paper Chef 11 I'm very sorry but I don't think I will go for it. I have SAT the next day, must study.


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